Ben Hsu

Fantasy · Fiction · Flash Fiction · Heavy Handed Parable


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They were born into a broken world; screaming and crying with confusion, grasping for a meaning, a purpose, a reason, searching for something a broken world couldn’t offer. When they found nothing they screamed all the louder. Soon, one voice rose above the cacophony, screaming louder and longer than the rest. The voice’s confusion turned to rage, and its rage spread amongst the other voices until there was a unified chorus of hate and anger.

And still the broken world gave them nothing, there was nothing to give. When their screams of rage and hate still yielded nothing the loudest voice lashed out. It bit and punched, kicked and stomped. The other voices joined in a frenzy. They pounded the ground and howled a demand for something that never existed. Their fury chipped and cracked the sad, broken world, which slowly began to crumble; despite giving up everything it had.

Fantasy · Fiction · Flash Fiction · Heavy Handed Parable

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