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Fiction · Heavy Handed Parable · Modern Fantasy · Script
The Apartment Complex

In the middle of nowhere, far from anything of convenience, was an apartment complex. The building itself was quite nice, full of two bedrooms, one bathroom units at a reasonable price. Like many high end complexes a whole battery of amenities were offered (things like: a pool, fitness center, lounge, laundry room, etc.), and despite…

Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script
Licensed Heroes Scripts 17-20

Comic 17: Panel 1: Tempest is sitting at the order counter for the bakery.  Put an obvious clock/sundial/timer in the corner of the panel so the audience can clearly see the passage of time.  He's trying to be a good son, but clearly very bored.  Tempest's Father(Off panel): Tempest!  I'm heading out to make some…

Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script
Licensed Heroes Script 13-16

Comic 13: Panel 1: Tempest at his Landlord's office bargaining for an extra month's rent.  The office is seedy and grimy, the whole thing looks borderline to a slum lord's office.  The Landlord himself is large and dirty, and mostly unsympathetic as Tempest makes his pleas.  Tempest (Trying to convince the Landlord, knowing he sounds…

Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script
Licensed Heroes Scripts 7-12

Comic 7 Panel 1: Tempest working at Vic’s Potion and Used Equipment Emporium as a greeter.  He’s wearing the uniform, and has his faux smile on.  He’s greeting a young pair of adventurers (1st level female warrior, 1st male mage). Tempest: Hello!  And welcome to Vic’s Potion and Used Equipment Emporium.  Let one of our…

Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script
Licensed Heroes Script 1-6

Comic 1 Panel 1:Tempest has just gotten out of a Medieval Graduation Ceremony (caps and gowns and all that, but with a distinctly dark ages bent), he’s riding high and happier than anyone really has a right to be. Tempest (Super happy): At long last!  My official degree in heroing! Panel 2: Tempest is in…

Dubious Company · Fantasy · Script
Dubious Company Scripts 14-20

Comic 14:  Pirbot and Catstello After giving up with the whole “Keelhaul” definition Tiren throws the book she was holding away (or over her shoulder) and tries to get any other useful bit of information. Tiren(Throwing book away): Whatever, let’s just get moving’s the name of the ship? Walter(Confidently): Arrr. Tiren(Slightly confused, but rolling…