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An Open Love Letter

Here’s to you, you crazy few, you proud and pure, stubborn and stalwart few. Here’s to how you go against the grain, stand up for what you believe in against all adversity, and stick to what you know is right, no matter what. I’m jealous of you, and I raise my glass to you.

So what if there’s no evidence to prove your belief? You have faith! So what if your religion tells you to ‘love thy neighbor,’ ‘do unto others as you’d have done onto you,’ and ‘turn the other cheek?’ You only need to believe in the parts that justify your hatred, fear, and greed. So what if thousands of innocent people are killed, families torn apart, and cities are left homeless and starving? You know they weren’t really people, not in God’s eyes (at least your god). I wish I had your complete lack of perspective and willful ignorance. Maybe then I could sleep at night.

Let’s face it, humanity had its chance and we fucked it up bad. We cut our supply lines, bit the hand that fed us, and killed the golden goose. Then we blamed each other and started a fist fight. Thank you, you wonderful, murderous, insane people for throwing the first, second, and third punch. The way you spread fear, hatred, and ignorance, it’s God’s work. It forces us to ignore the real problems plaguing us and speeds humanity along to an early grave. And isn’t that what we all deserve, to be wiped off the face of the planet? Good Job. When Earth is nothing but a blasted wasteland, the cockroaches feasting on our detritus, there’ll be a special place for you in Hell. Thank you.

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