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The American Nightmare

I watch a lot of horror movies. It's fun because either it's a great movie that intrigues, frightens, and engages me. Or it's a terrible movie and I get the schadenfreude of watching a group of interchangeable idiots blunder into well deserved deaths (bearing in mind I clearly separate the actors from the interchangeable idiot…

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Fixing Monopoly

I was thinking about the game Monopoly, you know the game that was initially conceived to highlight how terrible capitalism is? I realized that the game has, built into its core ruleset, the idea of universal basic income. Pass go, collect 200 dollars. Well, as a staunch capitalist that believes in real freedom that won't…

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Unslipping the Slippery Slopes

Something's been bothering me about recent attempted coup at the US capital (beyond all the normal anxiety a violent coup causes) and I've finally figured out the problem. Many of the arguments being used against the insurrectionists parallel the arguments the right has repeated used against the minority communities to which I belong. Specifically, I'm…

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Centralized Problems

I've seen a lot of memes being passed around disparaging the views of centrists and I thought I'd take this space to try to explain things to centrists in (hopefully) less rage inducing terms. For what I understand, based on centrists I've talked to and literature I've read, modern day centrism is based on two…

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What’s the Deal with Those Portland Protestors?

"Is it still about Black Live Matter, or has it turned into something else? Why do they keep showing up and doing what they do?" A friend of mine asked me these questions and I honestly wasn't quite sure how to answer them. The answers are annoying complex, but in fairness to my friend (and…

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What are we Sanctifying Anyway? Or How Straight People Killed the Institution of Marriage

In December 2019 I finally married my longtime life-partner. The whole event was a beautiful exercise in bureaucratic necessity.  Both sets of parents insisted on attending the momentous occasion, but I feel like it was only momentous for them. My partner and I kind of felt like it was like having party for filing your…