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Symbols Symbolizing Symbolism

Let's talk symbols! They're great aren't they? It's a fast, easy way to convey a lot of information in a tiny bit of space. For example if show the you the '$' symbol you immediately know I'm talking about money. But more specifically you can also infer American money (dollars as opposed to other currencies…

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Outside the Building

There is a houseless person outside the building where I work. They set up a tent on the small patch of grass between the building's side entrance and the parking lot to a dying strip mall. Whenever I mention this to my more well to do friends they express concern for me and my safety.…

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Content Bloat

Or Yet Another Failure of Capitalism   Apparently, it's not enough for some people that unregulated, late-stage capitalism causes an increasing wealth gap that then leads to poverty, lack of access to basic resources and ultimately early, preventable death for the majority of our population. "Not my problem," they say, "it doesn't affect me." Ah,…

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Things Are About to Get Much Worse

If you're fortunate enough to be reading this in the future, or have just managed to avoid the news, Portland, Oregon is in trouble. Yesterday, Aug. 29, 2020, a huge number of Trump supporters (estimates have them in the 1000's) gathered and paraded around downtown. According to eyewitnesses, they were given police escort and rather…

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Centralized Problems

I've seen a lot of memes being passed around disparaging the views of centrists and I thought I'd take this space to try to explain things to centrists in (hopefully) less rage inducing terms. For what I understand, based on centrists I've talked to and literature I've read, modern day centrism is based on two…

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What's the Deal with Those Portland Protestors?

"Is it still about Black Live Matter, or has it turned into something else? Why do they keep showing up and doing what they do?" A friend of mine asked me these questions and I honestly wasn't quite sure how to answer them. The answers are annoying complex, but in fairness to my friend (and…