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Dubious Company · Fantasy · Script

Dubious Company Scripts 1-9

Comic 1: Beginnings Always Suck

Tiren, our favorite ninja catgirl is tied up and unconscious on the deck of Walter’s airship.  Yes you’ll have to draw his wings.  The initial panels are going to be drawn from Tiren’s point of view.

Panel(s): The first panel is completely dark.  Second is from the point of a view of a slowly opening eye which shows a very blurry figure.  Third panel shows the figure that could be a really cute guy.  The fourth panel is just a clear view of scruffy Walter (like, unkept bachelor, I don’t have to pay attention to my looks or personal hygiene).

Panel(s): Walter is glowering over Tiren, who is chained up in the brig.

Tiren: Last time I order a drink called the “Shanghaied Special.”

Comic 2: Old joke, Old take on it, But it’s a New Comic

Walter: HAR HAR HAR HAR etc.

Through out that Tiren should be mostly bored, with growing annoyance.

Tiren(annoyed):  Are you finished yet?

Walter (thinking Really hard): Hmmm.

Walter (super happy):Nope!

Walter: HAR HAR HAR!

Comic 3: A devil, a Black-sheep and totally oblivious.

Walter is babbling at Tiren in typical Walter fashion.  Tiren is…mostly looking airsick as Walter is talking.  She gets sicker and sicker and is eventually trying not to outright vomit.

Walter:  Yar!  Me first stowaway.  What ta do with ye?  I c’n make ya walk th’ plank.  Arr…but tis a waste of a pris’ner.  Tell me lass, what were ye doin in me hold?

Walter: Har Har!  Scared speechless I bet!  Not ta worry gel, I’ve that affect on people.  Come with me.  Look, over starboard…ye see the blue sky and green forest below?  Means yer on an airship lass.  Last I checked, cats may always land on thar feet, but they can’t fly.  Now, them great big things on me back, they let me fly.  I’ve the advantage lass.  Who are ya, and what were ya doin in me hold?

Walter: Listen here.  Yer lucky, I’m in a good mood, I’ve killed men fer worse than what you’ve done.  Now, answer me questions or I’ll keehual ya!

Panel: The Walter throws up all over the Walter (bet you didn’t see that one coming).

Walter:  Yar…nevermind, me thinks I know now…

Comic 4: Hee hee hee, He said “booty”

Walter and Tiren chatting and talking on the airship.

Walter: Arr! I be short ‘anded Lass, so ya be joinen me crew or I’ll keehauled ya.

Tiren: Righto, lead on Oh captain my captain.

Walter: Aye!  Now, ‘fore ya try ta escape, remmeber, Yer booty be mine ta use as I please.

Tiren: …What?  How about- NO!

Walter: No negotio’aten lass, yer special equpiments mine, ‘n I’ll use it as I please!

Walter(Dropping into a stance): Don’t even try to touch me you perverted pirate.

Panel(s): The Artist with large weapon glaring at the Author

Artist (pissed off and scolding):  No!  Bad Author!  Unfunny joke!

Author (with a little smug look): Too late, it’s already done!

Comic 5:  Fair Division of Labor

Blah Blah blah, talk talk talk, shot/reverse shot, 180 degree rule.  Ick

Walter: Now that yer part o’ me crew, we best be intraducen oursevles.  I be Cap’n Walter Herindale.  But ye be call’n me cap’n

Tiren:  Right, I’m Tiren.  What have you got me doing?

Walter: Aye, ye be me first mate.

Tiren:  Really?  Well, that doesn’t sound so ba-

Walter: An’ secon’ mate, rigger, look out, navigator, galley cook, officer’s chef, supply officer, flight spell technician, weapon’s officer, cabin girl, an’ on rare occasions, cabin boy.

Tiren:  WHAT?!  Wait, a minute, how many people are on the crew?

Walter: Includen us?  Two.

Tiren:  So if I’m all that, what the crap do you do?

Walter:  AARRR, I be the cap’n wer’nt ya listenin’?

Comic 6: 4th Wall?  But the Stage only has 3 walls…

Interior of the airship.  Walter and Tiren should be side by side looking over a nondescript map of the world (make it clear it’s a map, but try not to give an indication of what the world actually looks like.)

Walter:  So, all we ‘ave ta do is move along the coast, loot’n ‘n pillaging.

Tiren: Just the two us?  We’re going to get slaughtered if there’s only two of us

Walter:  Hmmm, Aye, we’ll look fer more crew.  But I’m only doin this cause yer me first mate.

Tiren: And, second mate, and supply officer, and cook, and look out and-

Walter: Har Har! Not to worry lass, we’ll find more crew.

Panel(s): The Artist holding the scripts looking quizzically at the Author.

Artist (With an “are you shitting me” look on her face): You couldn’t think of a joke could you?

Author (Clearly insane, sleep-deprived and raving): I AM THE FUNNY SLEEP GOOD NOW BYE!

Comic 7: The Eternal Struggle Rages On

The Artist is chasing the Author around their studio.  The Author should be acting like a spoiled brat and somehow managing to get into areas that the Artist can’t get into.  Go ahead and have her holding some kind of sword or weapon as needed.

Artist(Screaming up at Author who is hiding up in the rafters/ceiling tiles): Get down here!

Author(Hiding, almost like a spooky creature): NO!  You’ll just hurt me!

Artist: No more breaking the 4th wall!  You need to continue the plot!

Author: I am!  This is a plot!

Panel(s): Modern Day Tiren and Walter walk in (like actors coming into a set)

Walter: Wow, okay I was wondering why we hadn’t’ been called for awhile.

Tiren: Yeah, we’ll just um…just come back later.

Comic 8:  Great View.

Complete rewrite of this one.  Getting rid of those icky text boxes and slightly better pacing.

Panel(s): A nice panoramic view of the landscape below the ship.  A bit like seeing the ground below an airplane when you’re flying in and landing.  Tiren is on the bow of the ship (aft of the ship?  front of the damn boat) looking out, almost Titanic style.  As she’s watching the scenery Walter comes up behind her.

Walter: ‘Joy’n th’ view?

Panel(s): Tiren turns to look at him.  Then vomits on him


Walter: But ya ain’t even been drink’n!

Tiren (weak, like she can barely talk): Motion sickness…

Comic 9:  Optical Illusion!

Draw Walter without his wings in this comic.

Tiren (Running up to Walter): Hey, captain, there’s a…

Tiren: Wha?

Several panels should be dedicated to Tiren trying to find out what happened to Walter’s wings.  Like you know, have her circling around him, or starting at where they should be, or poking his back or something, things like that.

Walter:  YAAR!  What’s yer problum gel?

Tiren:  Ok, what the crap happened to your wings?

Dubious Company · Fantasy · Script

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