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Dubious Company · Fantasy · Script

Dubious Company Scripts 10-13

Comic 10: Wings Vs Tail

Walter and Tiren Speaking to each other on the deck of the airship.  Tiren should be incredulous for the most part while Walter just seems tired of explaining things over and over.

Tiren: I’m sure you had wings when I first met you…

Walter: Folded em in.  They be a hassle ‘less I’m at home.

Tiren (jealous): You can do that?  Lucky, I’m stuck with my tail.

Walter (Trying to comfort her): Hey, at least your tail can…

Panel(s): Walter thinking REALLY hard about the usefulness of tails.

Walter: What can yer tail do?

Tiren(Embarrassed): Mostly gets caught on doors.  Or pulled on by kids.

Tiren (angry): And don’t get me started on skirts!

Comic 11: Don’t Remember, Must Not be Important

Walter has a sudden realization about the distracting nature of extra limbs in a world where extra limbs is not necessarily normal.  Tiren remembers something she forgot or thought she forgot.

Walter (Suddenly realizing something): This all be very interesting, but what did ya actually need?

Tiren: I um…you know I forget.

Walter (sighing): Aw well.  Must a been unimportant.

Panel(s): Tiren Walking away so a monster (off panel) can snatch up Walter

Tiren: Probably.  If I remember I’ll tell you.

Panel: Walter flailing in the background as Tiren suddenly remembers what she wanted to tell him.

Tiren (sudden realization): Oh yeah!  There’s a-

Panel(s): Tiren turns around and sees Walter flailing and getting beaten on by the monster

Tiren (resigned annoyance): Ah…

Comic 12: Superfluous Fight Scene

Attack of the Tiren (to save Walter)

Panel(s): Tiren leaps into action attacking the horrid creature that has Walter captive (and is probably slowly crushing him to death).  She pulls some kunai out and throws them at the monster as an opening, then rushes in with a series of kicks and punches.  The ninja finally finishes off the creature with her hairstick things.  The horrifying disguisting thing drops Walter (who is gasping for air) and slinks off.  (NOTE:  THEY ARE IN THE AIR THE MONSTER SHOULD BE ABLE TO FLY…PROBABLY)

Walter: Wow.  Remind me not to make you angry.

Comic 13: Learn Something New Everyday

After surviving the attack of the…thing. Walter not only recovers but decides to take stock of new information regarding the situation.  Tiren however, calls into question certain vocabulary.

Walter(super excited at Tiren’s fighting ability): With you ‘ere we can loot ‘n pillage and we keehaul anyone who gits in our way!

Tiren: Great, awesome.  But what does Keelhaul mean?

Walter: It be a fine pirate tradition of…um…

Panel(s): Tiren and Walter stare at each other blankly then leaf through a dictionary

Walter: Keelhaul

Tiren: Verb, To punish someone by dragging them through the water under the keel of a ship.

Tiren: Water…

Walter: On an airship…

Walter(Thoughtfully dejected): Yar…I be need’n ta think of new traditions.

Tiren: I vote more drinking.

Dubious Company · Fantasy · Script

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