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Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script

Licensed Heroes Script 1-6

Comic 1

Panel 1:Tempest has just gotten out of a Medieval Graduation Ceremony (caps and gowns and all that, but with a distinctly dark ages bent), he’s riding high and happier than anyone really has a right to be.

Tempest (Super happy): At long last!  My official degree in heroing!

Panel 2: Tempest is in the “locker room” taking off his cap and gown and revealing a rather plain peasant’s tunic and trousers underneath.  Remember to give the locker room a kind of Ancient Medieval bent.  His clothes are well worn.

Panel 3: Tempest is putting on his on his admitted tattered and near broken armor (durability is one hit away from zero) and notched battered sword.  He is still however, super excited.

Tempest(Ready to take on the world): Adventure!  Here I come!

Panel 4: Tempest steps out of the locker room on the streets.  All around him are “heroes” dressed similar to him sitting around holding signs like, “Will Hero for food,” “Adventurer looking for work,” “Will Rescue ANYTHING, Cheap.”  Tempest has a sweat drop as he realizes just how hard life is going to be.

Comic 2

Panel 1: Tempest applying for a job a random drop.  The employer is a jolly fat guy with an epic beard.  He’s pouring over Tempest’s application as Tempest stares back at him super hopeful.

Perspective Employer 1(Being “business honest”): This is a nice resumé, but Rat Slayer might be a bit below you.

Panel 2: Tempest applying for a job another job.  This employer is slick and sly.  He, like the previous employer, is pouring over Tempest’s application.  Tempest is merely hopeful now.  It clear that this is actually his 10th or 11th job that he’s applied to and he’s running out of steam.

Perspective Employer 2(also being “business honest”): Sorry, but with your qualifications, we just don’t think you’d be able to focus on your job if you were a Message Runner.

Panel 3:Tempest applying for random job number three.  This employer is burly and badass.  Men fear his mustache.  By this point Tempest is looking just desperate as the employer looks over his application.

Perspective Employer 3(Being actually honest): Look kid, I’ll be honest with you. With your degree you’re way overqualified for barrel filler.  Why don’t you shoot for something higher?

Panel 4: Tempest at Job Number Four.  This employer is handsome and friendly.  Tempest is reacting to the Guild Master’s advice with annoyed incredulity.

Perspective Employer 4(also being actually honest):  Really?  You’re applying for Dungeon Delver?  You’ve no experience, why don’t you try for an entry level position first?

Comic 3

Panel 1: Tempest is applying at yet another job (wow, it’s like this is the theme of the comic) and by now he’s looking really scruffy, worn out, tired, not very hopefully, and just generally annoyed.  The Employer is relaxed, chill and easy going.  In this case Tempest is still holding the application and hasn’t turned it in yet.

Perspective Employer: Whoa, hang on.  New regulations: we only hire adventurers through guilds now.  Less liability that way. 

Panel 2: The Perspective Employer shows a bit of admiration for Tempest (who is totally willing to “break the rules”) while Tempest clearly has NO idea what the heck he’s talking about.

Perspective Employer: I’m surprised you’re still applying directly, adventuring guilds pretty much dominate the market.  But you knew that, right?

Panel 3: The Perspective Employer realizes Tempest isn’t really as brave and “go your own way” as he thought.  Tempest is trying to think of something to say to defend himself.

Perspective Employer: You…you did know that right?  About guilds?

Tempest: Uh…

Panel 4: The Perspective Employer rolls his eyes in disbelief about how ill informed Tempest is, though Tempest is trying to muster all the pride he can manage to for his answer.

Perspective Employer: What do they teach you in school these days?

Tempest: Swordplay?  I got a B+!

Comic 4

Panel 1: Tempest is sitting on a park bench, still looking pretty scruffy and disheveled, but otherwise in reasonable spirits.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it’s a beautiful day.  Make it clear during the dialogue that it’s Tempest’s letter that we’re reading, and not actually Tempest.

Tempest’s Letter: Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve had a breakthrough on the job hunting quest. 

Panel 2: Tempest is still on the park bench writing, he’s in a little bit of a better mood as he fully realizes the implications of the information he’s sending his parents.

Tempest’s Letter: It turns out, most heroes are hired through guilds.  That’s probably why I haven’t been finding much work.  I’m going to start applying to the local Hero Guilds and the quests should start rolling in.

Panel 3: Tempest is still writing, only he’s really happy and excited now, he’s figured out why his life is going wrong and is about to fix it, everything is turning up roses for him, sweet smelling roses, with no thorns.

Tempest’s Letter: Expect to hear good news from me soon. 

Your Son,


Panel 4: Tempest is at the first guild, applying for a position.  The Guild master is a crisp, official looking bureaucrat.  He’s also a bit of an asshole.  He’s looking at Tempest’s application with a look of annoyed incredulity.  Tempest is reacting with angry disbelief a kind of “What the heck do you people want from me?” expression.

Guild Master: You expected to join our guild with no practical experience?  Not even a basic dungeon crawl?  Come back after you’ve proven you can complete a quest.

Comic 5

Panel 1: Tempest is back on the job hunting quest.  Though by now he’s completely disheveled, very desperate and starting to suffer from “crushed dreams” syndrome.  This time the Perspective Employer is large, and agrarian (farmer).  Tempest is just walking in, application in hand.  The Perspective Employer is grabbing the application of his hand. 

Tempest: Hi, I’m here for-

Perspective Employer: The job, yeah, lemme take a look.

Panel 2: The employer looks over Tempest’s application with a critical eye.  While Tempest just looks on nervously.

Perspective Employer: Hmmmmm.

Panel 3: The Perspective Employer looks over Tempest with a critical eye (as one would look over a horse (assume you weren’t allowed to touch it)).  By this point Tempest is getting his hopes up, and is pretty sure he’s got the job.  After all he hasn’t said “no” yet.

Perspective Employer: Mmmm-hmmmm.

Panel 4: The Perspective Employer lets Tempest down in a as matter-of-fact, not my problem fashion as he can muster (which is VERY matter-of-fact, not my problem).  Tempest is absolutely shocked, baffled and crushed by the news.

Perspective Employer: Sorry, you just don’t have the qualifications for a Manure Shoveler.

Comic 6

Panel 1: Tempest is at it yet again, he looks just as disheveled and desperate from the previous comic, but also pretty much broken.  This employer is is clean-cut yet very “used car salesman” like.  He is already looking over Tempest’s application while Tempest looks at him with a pleading look in his eyes.

Perspective Employer: Let me tell you something Tempest.

Panel 2: The perspective employer is all smiles and grins as he gives Tempest the news, and Tempest is completely overjoyed that his luck might finally be turning around.

Perspective Employer: I think you’re exactly what my establishment is looking for, can you start Monday?

Panel 3: The Perspective Employer is still grinning as Tempest is literally jumping up and down celebrating.

Tempest: Yes!  Yes yes!  Finally!  I can pay rent!  And buy food!  Thank you!  Everything is going to turn around now!

Panel 4: Tempest, in a cruddy uniform standing as a greeter to a large store.  He’s has this vacant, soulless, “what have I done with my life” expression on his face as he says his greeting.

Tempest: Hello, and welcome to Vic’s Potion and Used Equipment Emporium.  Let one of our knowledgable sales staff guide you on your quest to low low prices.

Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script

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