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Licensed Heroes Scripts 7-12

Comic 7

Panel 1: Tempest working at Vic’s Potion and Used Equipment Emporium as a greeter.  He’s wearing the uniform, and has his faux smile on.  He’s greeting a young pair of adventurers (1st level female warrior, 1st male mage).

Tempest: Hello!  And welcome to Vic’s Potion and Used Equipment Emporium.  Let one of our knowledgable sales staff guide you on your quest to low low prices!

Warrior: Hello.

Panel 2: Tempest still working on the Emporium, he’s worn down now and he’s giving up on the whole fake smile thing.  He’s giving the same greeting speech to a new group,   a middle class family (non-adventurers), a mother and father, and their peppy teenage daughter (as fantasyish as you can make them)

Tempest: Hello, and welcome to Vic’s Potion and Used Equipment Emporium.  Let one of our knowledgable sales staff guide you on your quest to low low prices.

Mother: Thank you.

Panel 3: Tempest still at the Emporium, by now he’s gotten his gotten his greeting speech down to a single automated response.  It’s pretty soulless, and honestly, so is Tempest at this point.  He’s giving the greeting to an elderly couple, also not adventurers.

Tempest: Hello and welcome to Vic’s Potion and Used Equipment Emporium let one of our knowledgable sales staff guide you on your quest to low low prices.

Older Guy: Nice day today.

Panel 4: Tempest is still greeting, and now he’s in “Zero Fucks Given” mode, because he’s realized exactly how important his job is (it’s not important at all).  This time he’s greeting a well seasoned warrior, large and imposing.

Tempest: Hello and welcome to the monkey jumps red dance brigade.  I can say anything because you’re not really listening to me.

Adventurer: I’m doing fine, and you?

Comic 8

Panel 1:Tempest is still at Vic’s Emporium, he’s back into the old soulless, single automated response and is greeting to middle aged rogue adventurers (level 7 or 8, one dual daggers, one bow).  The two are talking to each other and completely ignoring Tempest.

Tempest: Hello and welcome to Vic’s Potion and Used Equipment Emporium let one of our knowledgable sales staff guide you on your quest to low low prices.

Rogue 1: Hey, did you hear about Rob from the Iron Vanguard?

Panel 2: The two rogue adventurers are walking past Tempest, still oblivious to him, but talking about a sudden opening in the Iron Vanguard guild.  Tempest’s ears perk up and his eyes go wide at the sudden prospect at what they’re talking about (think a dog that suddenly smelled bacon).

Rogue 2: Yeah, poor guy.  Couldn’t have happened at a worse time too.  I hear the Vanguard’s guild master is desperate to fill the void.  He’ll take anyone, no experience needed.

Panel 3: The two rogues of wandered off, leaving Tempest alone at his post again.  He’s so super stoked he can barely contain himself and he’s shouting to Vic as he’s already heading out the door.

Tempest: Hey Vic!  I quit!

Panel 4:  Tempest is already gone, leaving the front of the Emporium unattended.  Vic is just showing really annoyed with a “for fuck’s sake” look on his face.

Vic: Oh come on!  That’s the fifth greeter this month!

Comic 9

Panel 1:Tempest applying at the Iron Vanguard Guild. He’s got a spring in his step and wind in his sails again.  This is his break, he knows, he can FEEL it.  This Guild Master is nerdy and messy.

Guild Master 5(with a critical eye): Mmm, yes. Good references, solid resumé, you’re a perfect fit for the job.

Panel 2:The Guild Master points to a kind of dopey looking guy standing around staring into space.

Guild Master 5(Actually sorry): Too bad we just gave the job to that guy.  Not as good as you, but his father DID donate this building.

Between Panels 2 and 3:

Guild Master: Well, no worries, you just gotta keep trying right?

Panel 3: Tempest, at hearing the advice from the Guild Master, that he’s already heard thousands of times, and after being told someone less qualified than him is getting the job he’s perfect for “Twilight Sparkle” Snaps.

Panel 4: Tempest flips over the Guild Master’s table.  The Guild Master has a frightened, “What the fuck?  Where did that come from, Don’t Kill me Man!” look on his face as he tries to shield himself from the desk/papers.

Comic 10:

Panel 1:Tempest comes crawling back to Vic (of Vic’s Used Equipment and Potion Emporium).  He’s clearly hanging his head in defeat and not expecting much in the way of aid form Vic.  Vic, meanwhile, is just going about business as usual.

Tempest (hand of the back of his neck embarrassed): Hi Vic, um, I know I left suddenly, and all, but things didn’t work out and I was hoping I could have my job back.

Panel 2: Vic gives Tempest his assessment as well as giving Tempest quite a bit of hope.

Vic(giving Tempest the “salesman” stare): I like you kid, it takes a lot of guts to come back here begging for your job.

Panel 3: Vic breaks the bad news to Tempest and completely crushes his hopes.  Tempest gives his best “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” face.

Vic(patting Tempest on the shoulder, giving him the bad news): But I don’t need a greeter anymore.  I’ve got a piece of technology that can do that and more.

Panel 4: Outside shot of the store (where Tempest was station in comics 6, 7, and 8) there’s a Sandwich Chalkboard Sign where Tempest was standing.  On the sign is sloppy writing, “Welcome to Vic’s Used Equipment and Potion Emporium!  Today’s Deals: 2 for 1 sale on Healing Potions.  Used Boots Galore!”

Comic 11:

Panel 1: Tempest is in his room (which is spares, shoddy, and probably in the wrong part of town)  He’s giving himself a pep talk and the floor is littered with job applications, employment leads, and research on Guilds.  He’s sitting on his bed looking fairly dejected.

Tempest(Talking to himself, trying to cheer himself up): Alright Tempest, you’re down but not out. 

Panel 2: Tempest is convincing himself and looking a bit more chipper.

Tempest(Sitting up, looking a bit more chipper): So you quit your job before finding more work.  You were too good for that place!  You’re a Licensed Hero!

Panel 3: Tempest is really into it!  He’s hyped, he’s ready, he’s not letting the world get him down!

Tempest(Standing up, getting ready to rush out the door and seize the day): Well come on Hero!  Get out there and do some Heroing! 

Panel 4: There’s a knock on the door and through the door the landlord (off panel) calls in.  Tempest is completely deflated as reality comes rushing in and kicks his ass again.

Landlord(Through the door): Hey, whenever you’re done in there, I’m going to need rent.

Comic 12:

Panel 1: Tempest is at a clinic of some sort (This is LH world equivalent of a Blood Bank/Plasma bank/Sperm Bank.  Their version is clearly more magical than medical, as well as just a wee bit creepier).  The clerk there is a clean cut, nice looking young woman in a combination secretary/nurses outfit.  Tempest is trying to make a good impression…while clearly admitting he’s broke.  She’s all business.

Tempest (Trying to be discrete and clearly a bit embarrassed): Hi, I um…I’m in a bit of a rut and was hoping I could sell some…er…things.

Panel 2: The Receptionist is clearly used to this and gives Tempest the info in an official nonplused fashion.  Tempest pales a bit at her information.

The Receptionist(Being pleasant, official and informative): Of course.  We pay for a wide variety of biological contributions.  Bear in mind, your limbs do have to be in good condition.

Panel 3: Tempest tries to negotiate with The Receptionist but is clearly not particularly good at it, and also has no idea what he’s doing.

Tempest(Trying to imply that he’d heard something different, but still really embarrassed): I um…I thought I could contribute…um…fluids?  For money?

Panel 4: The Receptionist is clearly apologetic but used to hearing this a lot.  Tempest is not even sure how to react to the information.

Receptionist(Sympathetic): Oh, I’m sorry, we’re actually overflowing with bodily fluids.  We could really use your arms though.

Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script

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