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Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script

Licensed Heroes Scripts 17-20

Comic 17:

Panel 1: Tempest is sitting at the order counter for the bakery.  Put an obvious clock/sundial/timer in the corner of the panel so the audience can clearly see the passage of time.  He’s trying to be a good son, but clearly very bored. 

Tempest’s Father(Off panel): Tempest!  I’m heading out to make some deliveries!  Watch the bakery while I’m gone!

Panel 2: The clock/sundial/timer in the corner shows that two hours have passed since the first panel.  Tempest is starting to fall asleep, he’s fighting it, but is losing the battle.

Panel 3: The clock/sundial/timer in the corner shows that an additional an hour has passed (totally three hours since panel 1) and Tempest just finally drops off to sleep, despite all his willpower.

Panel 4: The clock/sundial/timer in the corner shows only three minutes have passed (or no time at all if that’s too hard) since panel three and panel four.  A Customer enters.  It’s a crotchety old man who is clearly displeased with the freeloading youth of today and blames “dem damn kids” on all his problems.  Poor Tempest will be the latest target of his angry crotchetiness.  His outburst scares Tempest out of his nap.

Angry Old Crotchety Guy(Sure Tempest sleeping on the job proves his theories on today’s youth): Sleeping on the job?  Kids these days are worthless!  You know why you’re stuck here?  Cause you’re lazy!  That’s why!

Comic 18:

Panel 1: Tempest is still alone in the Bakery, wiping down counters and clearing expired product (stale bread).  The boredom sets in and he starts day dreaming, and talking to himself.

Tempest(Grumpy and bored): Humph, stupid guilds.  They don’t know what they’re missing.  I’d be a great hero!

Panel 2: Tempest has stopped cleaning and is getting into his fantasy.  Cheering up a bit and getting a bit of energy.

Tempest(Perking up, but no longer cleaning, clearly caught up in his daydream): I’d show them!  I’d swoop in and save the princess!  Single handedly!

Panel 3: Now Tempest is really into his daydream.  He’s pantomiming the actions, probably using the mop as a “princess” and completely blocking out the real world.

Tempest(In his best Sexy voice): And she would be all, “Oh Tempest!  You wonderfully licensed hero!”

Panel 4: A mildly confused customer walks in on Tempest as he’s now in full reenactment of his daydreams (using a loaf of bread as a sword, and a mop as the princess).  The customer is a sexy housewife, just trying to get her shopping done.

Customer(Kind of frightened by the crazy man): Um…can I get an olive loaf?

Tempest(a bit embarrassed, but only a bit): Can I…Can I kill the dragon king first?

Comic 19:

Panel 1: Tempest is back behind the counter, looking through the wanted ads/guild recruitment ads.  A crazy, angry customer bursts in, waving two pieces of a broken sword.  He’s clearly an adventurer, but also looks to be bad at his job (worse than Tempest would be, if he could get an adventuring job).

Customer(Angry, completely focused on Tempest, and spoiling for a fight): Look at what you did!  This sword broke in the middle of chopping wood!

Panel 2: Tempest realizes what is happening and tries to interrupt but the customer just takes it as a chance to tear into Tempest some more.

Customer (Barreling on through): What if I’d been in a fight!  Your weapon-smithing is awful!  This is all your fault!  What are you going to do about it?!

Panel 3:Tempest is stone faced at this point and honestly stopped caring about the “customer.”  The customer kind of pales as he realizes the extent of his mistake.

Tempest(past the point of being able to take pleasure from the experience): Considering this is a bakery?  I’d point you to the weapon shop next door.

Panel 4: Tempest stays stone faced as the customer that clearly wanted to fight, gets in a couple of cheap shots as he leaves.

Customer (Still pissed, as he’s leaving): Oh…well.  You should have told me earlier!  Your bread’s probably nasty!

Comic 20:

Panel 1: Tempest is adjusting one of the displays, putting it back into place.  A customer walks in.  She is a cheery, friendly, frumpy middle-aged lady.  She’s clearly never worked a day in her life.

Customer(Being polite as she gets Tempest’s attention): Excuse me, young man.  Do you have whole wheat bread?

Tempest(happy): Of course we do!  My father just baked a fresh batch.

Panel 2: Tempest, stops what he’s doing to get the bread, but the Customer stops him with her strange concerns.

Customer(interrupting): Did he stir the batter counter-clockwise?  Healer Verdigris says that’s the best way release the wheat’s energy.

Tempest(confused, stopping dead in his tracks, and trying not to piss off the clearly crazy person): Huh?  Batter?  You mean dough?

Panel 3: The Customer leaves, deciding the bakery isn’t worth the risk, but offers Tempest some friendly advice.

Customer(still, friendly, but clearly not satisfied with Tempest, and leaving): Oh dear, Healer Verdigris warned us clockwise wheat would upset our Orzarts.  This bakery should follow his advice.

Panel 4: Tempest is left standing alone in the bakery, horribly confused at what just happened.

Tempest(Scratching his head): What’s an Orzart?

Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script

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