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Licensed Heroes Script 13-16

Comic 13:

Panel 1: Tempest at his Landlord’s office bargaining for an extra month’s rent.  The office is seedy and grimy, the whole thing looks borderline to a slum lord’s office.  The Landlord himself is large and dirty, and mostly unsympathetic as Tempest makes his pleas. 

Tempest (Trying to convince the Landlord, knowing he sounds awful): …And that’s why I can’t pay rent this month.  But don’t worry, I’ll get the money, just give me a few days.

Panel 2: Tempest is getting increasingly more desperate as The Landlord clearly gives no fucks to his plight.

Tempest(Sweating): Apparently the Flesh Golem Guild is paying top dollar for arms!  I just need to…um…get the nerve to have the procedure done…

Panel 3: The Landlord finally reacts and gives Tempest a pat on the back, seemingly to let him know everything will be okay.  Tempest actually perks up a bit thinking he’ll catch a break.

Landlord(Scowling and patting Tempest): An arm or your apartment.  Tough choice.  Don’t worry Tempest, I think I can solve your problems.

Panel 4: Tempest is out on the street in front of his apartment building holding a small box of stuff, clearly just evicted from his apartment.  The area is really run down and grimy (like a shitbomb went off in the neighborhood, as Louis CK puts it).  Next to him is a small since that says, “Renting: 1 Room”

Comic 14:

Panel 1: Tempest is talking to someone at a small cafe.  It’s from the point of view of the person so we can’t see who Tempest is talking to, but he’s clearly afraid/embarrassed to be talking to this person.  The cafe is pleasant enough, though it’s clearly their off hours.

Tempest (ducking his head, basically pretending to be a turtle to avoid the conversation): That’s the story: no adventure, no job, no apartment, I don’t know what to do.

Panel 2: Tempest still talking and doing his turtle impression (bad turtle impression)

Tempest (shrugging his shoulders now): So, here I am, begging, pleading for your help.  Do you have any positions for me?

Panel 3: We can now see who Tempest is talking to and it’s his father.  His father looks like an older, none adventuring version of Tempest (probably a bit rotund in the belly and greying, dressed in common, middle class clothing).

Tempest’s Father (trying to assure his son it’s okay): Of course, there’s always a place for you at the bakery.

Panel 4: Tempest’s Father is understanding of his son, while Tempest is both relieved and still very embarrassed that he had to swallow his pride to come back to his parents.

Tempest’s Father (trying to find a silver lining in the situation): Plus your mother and I will be happy to have you back at home.

Comic 15:

Panel 1: After a decent night’s sleep Tempest (dressed to work at the Bakery) wakes up and enters the kitchen of his childhood.  It’s full of familiar sounds and smells.  His mother (and older, plump and friendly woman) is just about finishing cooking breakfast (bacon, eggs and oatmeal) and setting the table.  Tempest is a bit overwhelmed.

Tempest’s mother (Sugar sweet and friendly): Good morning Tempest dear!  Come sit, I’ve cooked your favorites.

Panel 2: Tempest sits at the table clearly glad to be home and taking comfort in his mother’s fussing.  His mother pours him a glass of juice.

Tempest’s Mother (Fussing over Tempest):  I’m so proud of you, getting your degree in heroing.

Panel 3: Tempest begins eating while his mother fixes her own breakfast (which is just a bowel of oatmeal) and sits at the table across from him.

Tempest’s Mother(beaming at her son):  And it’s so good to have you back!  The house gets so quiet with just your father and me.

Panel 4: Tempest’s Mother drops the other shoe and sends Tempest into a super frown of “goddamn it, why me.”  She keeps her super cheery and happy demeanor the entire time.   

Tempest’s Mother (Still beaming at her son, not missing a beat): Now hurry up and find a real job so you can move out!

Comic 16:

Panel 1: At the bakery Tempest is helping out is his father.  They’re doing an opening routine pulling freshly baked bread out of the oven (Old style brick/stone oven).  Tempest’s Father clearly enjoys the work while Tempest is just really sleepy from waking up so early.

Tempest’s Father(Glad to have his son helping): Alright son, prep this batch for the window display and I’ll get the next batch going.

Panel 2: Still at the bakery, they’re dealing with a midday rush with a large amount of people buying bread.  Both Tempest and His Father are too busy to talk to each other.

Panel 3: After hours at the bakery they’re cleaning up the mess from the day.  Tempest is clearly a bit worn out while His Father is still going strong.

Tempest’s Father (encouraging his son to keep going): Just a few more tables to wipe down and then we can call it a day.

Panel 4: Tempest in his room lying on his bed, completely exhausted after a long hard day’s work, trying to get a few scant hours of sleep.  His Father comes in and lectures him a bit.

Tempest’s Father (disapproving of his son): Tempest!  You can’t just keep working in the bakery.  Go out and find a real job already!

Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script

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