Ben Hsu



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Fantasy · Licensed Heroes · Script
Licensed Heroes Script 1-6

Comic 1 Panel 1:Tempest has just gotten out of a Medieval Graduation Ceremony (caps and gowns and all that, but with a distinctly dark ages bent), he’s riding high and happier than anyone really has a right to be. Tempest (Super happy): At long last!  My official degree in heroing! Panel 2: Tempest is in…

Dubious Company · Fantasy · Script
Dubious Company Scripts 14-20

Comic 14:  Pirbot and Catstello After giving up with the whole “Keelhaul” definition Tiren throws the book she was holding away (or over her shoulder) and tries to get any other useful bit of information. Tiren(Throwing book away): Whatever, let’s just get moving’s the name of the ship? Walter(Confidently): Arrr. Tiren(Slightly confused, but rolling…

Dubious Company · Fantasy · Script
Dubious Company Scripts 10-13

Comic 10: Wings Vs Tail Walter and Tiren Speaking to each other on the deck of the airship.  Tiren should be incredulous for the most part while Walter just seems tired of explaining things over and over. Tiren: I’m sure you had wings when I first met you... Walter: Folded em in.  They be a…

Dubious Company · Fantasy · Script
Dubious Company Scripts 1-9

Comic 1: Beginnings Always Suck Tiren, our favorite ninja catgirl is tied up and unconscious on the deck of Walter's airship.  Yes you'll have to draw his wings.  The initial panels are going to be drawn from Tiren's point of view. Panel(s): The first panel is completely dark.  Second is from the point of a…