Ben Hsu



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Dubious Company · Fantasy · Script
Dubious Company Scripts 1-9

Comic 1: Beginnings Always Suck Tiren, our favorite ninja catgirl is tied up and unconscious on the deck of Walter's airship.  Yes you'll have to draw his wings.  The initial panels are going to be drawn from Tiren's point of view. Panel(s): The first panel is completely dark.  Second is from the point of a…

Flash Fiction · Science Fiction
The More Things Change

This just in from GNA: Work on the known universe's first Dyson Sphere came to a "crashing" halt today when the Colossus Class freighter Enderion collided with the sphere upon exiting sub-space. Initial reports indicate that not only did the impact cause systemic failure across all the spheres power system, but has also destabilized the…

Flash Fiction · Modern Fantasy
Taken Away

"Hey, so...this may be a weird question, but I've got something about "The Rapture" all over my newsfeed this morning and I have no idea what's going on. Do you know what they're talking about?" "Um...The Rapture occurred last night? Did you actually read any of those articles?" "Yes! Well, kind of...I read one. The…

Essay · Nonfiction
On the Nature of Endings

I've recently been thinking about endings, which is a natural thing to do, at least in respect to my usual mind set. What is unusual is that I've managed to mostly avoid thinking about endings for the better part of a decade. Supposedly, I did this to help clear my mindset and help me move…